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Love languages: the importance of knowing each other's love language

Online dating is not your typical day to day dating. While online dating can create strong relationships, they can also easily break if you don’t understand each other’s love languages. However, you might be wondering what love languages are?

The 5 Love Languages were identified by Gary Chapman as being the unique ways in which humans give and express love. When it comes to each other’s needs in a relationship, most couples will speak one of these languages the best. So, how can you make your relationship work with love languages?

What are the Love Languages?

• Words of affirmation - the person who speaks this love language is most comfortable speaking and hearing verbal words to communicate love. These affirmations are usually in the form of compliments or praise.

• Acts of service - this love language involves performing tangible tasks for your loved one, like preparing meals or taking care of the trash can.

• Receiving gifts - if your love language is receiving gifts, you express your love by giving people thoughtful presents, and you expect them to do the same.

• Quality time - with the 'quality time' love language, you need to spend one-on-one, intimate time with your loved one to feel loved. This means a lot more than just sitting at home watching TV. It involves face to face, meaningful interaction.

• Physical touch - those whose love language is physical touch need to feel like they're in contact with their loved one. They might need to hold hands and be more physically affectionate to feel and express love.

Why is it important to know your partner's love language?

Since everyone expresses love differently, it's vital to know what your partner's innermost expectations are to avoid disappointment or miscommunication. For example, if your partner speaks the language of "physical touch", it would be extra hurtful to that person if you didn't make the effort to maintain physicality.

For another example, if your partner's love language is "quality time", gifts and contact simply aren't going to cut it. This person would feel most appreciated with some quality one-on-one time, like with a scheduled date night he or she could look forward to. Find a laid-back bar, a fancy restaurant, a great hiking trail; anything to get that quality time.

It doesn’t matter if you met the person on Byber, it's never too early to turn that wonderful online experience into something real. You have the ability to make the relationship long-lasting. Whatever your partner's love language happens to be, what's most important is that you respect their need to give and receive love in the way that makes them most comfortable. Learn to speak their language, and see how positively it impacts your relationship. 

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BYBER Team 😉

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