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Misconceptions to avoid while online dating

Online dating provides the perfect opportunity for people to meet and talk in order to find out whether they are a match and if they should 'take things to the next level'. However, there are numerous misconceptions heaped upon online dating to a point that people generally shy away. It is important to differentiate what online dating is from what it isn’t in order to begin to understand why you should disregard the negative statements made about online dating.

What is online dating? 

Despite the fact that there are numerous types of online dating, the principle is usually the same. However, there are some subtle differences in execution. Some of these executions include paying for registration as well as free dating sites. Some are usually a tight knit community while others appear as chat rooms where people can meet and socialise. The success of finding a soulmate is entirely dependent on how the website is organised.

What online dating is not

The negative association between online dating and 'catfishes' (people who lie about their identity) has put off very many people from these dating websites. However, the online dating community is a safe environment for anyone to meet a person they like even when that person lives far away. Moreover, there are numerous success stories of people who met each other and fell in love on these dating sites. 

People who are interested in online dating should disregard the following misconceptions:

Online dating is for weirdoes and criminals

There is an established belief based on falsehoods that the people who frequent these websites in order to connect are losers. The number of people who visit these websites is vast. The reason behind this upsurge is entirely because of work. Some people have careers that are too demanding and time consuming. Some people are not into the nightlife. As such, these dating websites provide the perfect opportunity to meet different people even while they are still at work. Applications such as Byber allow them to instantly message each other efficiently from their mobile devices.

You never get any responses from the people you like

Many people get put off by the idea that they might spend a lot of time editing their profile and uploading photos and then end up not getting responses from the people they like. The truth is that more often than not, it happens. However, it should be noted that there is a prescribed way of going about building your profile. Do not include references to violence or incarceration. Similarly, a lack of photos does not bode well for your profile.

The one night stand mentality

It is purely wishful thinking that these online dating websites are a direct line to meeting new people that only want a one night stand. Other sites, however, have a provision for this kind of option. The general idea for most dating websites is to promote love and relationships.

You should be ashamed to be on an online dating website

This misconception seems to be the biggest put off for most people. The idea that their family members or colleagues at work could find out and shame them is usually a crippling fear. The idea also that someone they know may stumble upon their profile is also a big hindrance. However, people should understand that the process of finding love is a two way affair. As such, what people say or think about you shouldn’t matter. Dating sites have measures in place to protect their clients' information.

People that are looking for love should exercise a lot of patience and go though as much information as possible in order to prepare themselves for it. Some of this useful information is actually found in these dating websites. A good example being BYBER.

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