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Online dating safety tips you must know.

Online socializing can provide a great opportunity to have fun and flirt with other like-minded people. However, as with many online contact media, there can be pitfalls. Here’s how to avoid common dangers and stay safe whilst having fun while social networking.

Keep your private self, private

When you enter the world of online chat and dating, it’s important to bear in mind that not everyone is everything they claim to be. Of course, there are plenty of genuine people who want the same fun as you do, but there are also those who are out to make mischief.

Don’t use your real name when you create a profile, and carry on all communication through the messaging facility of the site itself, rather than giving out your personal phone number or email address. Never give away information about where you live or work.

Webcam chat scams

Unfortunately, there are a few scams to be aware of when using chat rooms and contact sites.

In one scam, the person you’re chatting with tells you that they desperately want to buy a webcam so that they can progress your online flirting to another level and start dating ‘face-to-face’ online. The problem is that they don’t have any money. The ‘mark’, i.e. the victim, sends the scammer money to buy the webcam, the scammer then vanishes without a trace, taking the money with them.

The best thing to do in this case is to walk away and politely decline further contact. After all, there are plenty of genuine people out there just waiting to be discovered, so don’t waste your time an energy on scammers.

In conclusion

Social networking sites are a great place to enjoy some fun and build relationships with like-minded individuals, but be wary of the possible dangers of chatting and online socializing with strangers. Always keep your personal information private, never send money to anyone, no matter how tempting the request may be. 

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