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Signs he really likes you on the first date

First dates, especially those with people you meet on a dating app, are meant to be casual and fun. Occasionally, you may click with a man on the first date and wonder if he really likes you enough to ask you out again. 

This can be tricky. Some men can be perfect gentlemen and show you a great time, but never ask you out again.

These signs may help you know if he really likes you and wants to date you again: 

His body language

A guy who really likes you will maintain eye contact while talking with you. He will flirt, lean towards you, or find ways to be close enough to touch you.

He may smile, laugh or blush a lot. He may stare deeply into your eyes and even start to unconsciously mimic your behavior.

The conversation

A guy who just wants the date to be over has no time to get chummy with you. You’d be lucky if he doesn’t have to leave if “something urgent” came up.

If he really likes you, he will want to get to know you. He will ask personal questions. He may even flirt, tease, and will listen to you intently. 

He lets it linger

When he's into you on the first date, he won't want your time together to end. He'll find ways to “stretch” the date, such as continuing the conversation after the bill is paid and the table is cleared away.

He may ask if you want to go somewhere else afterwards, such as to a club to enjoy some nightlife. When it’s time to say goodbye, he'll linger for a hug or kiss.

He asks about future plans

Before the date ends, your guy may tell you he wants to see you again. If he's not so bold, he may ask if you have plans for the coming weekend. Or, even before the date is over, he may mention the two of you together at a place or event in the future.

If your man isn't into you, get back on the Byber app to keep on dating!

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