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Signs of a great first date

Putting the nerves that go along with dating to one side, if you're getting to know someone for the first time, you can expect to encounter some mixed signals. So, is it possible to tell if things are going well? Be sure to look out for these signs that a second date could be on the cards.


Before your date has even started, you should feel a level of excitement towards getting to know someone new. Especially if you've met them via a dating app, finally getting to meet someone you've been messaging for a while should be exhilarating, so feeling positive is a good sign. Once the date is underway, if you feel nerves kicking in, it's a good idea to remember there aren't any commitment clauses. Just think of it as an opportunity for company and great conversation. Putting your interest into another person above your own insecure thoughts should see the nervousness disappear and allow you to be yourself. The more natural you feel on a first date, the better it's going.

Ease of conversation

The first few minutes of your first date will probably have their fair share of ice-breakers and nervous smiles. If you've been messaging each other before the date, you may have some shared references to bring up. Once the awkwardness has died down, you should feel yourself becoming more relaxed. In turn, the conversation should become more open, making it easier for you both to share who you are and enjoy the experience. No matter what you're doing on your first date, whether it's dinner, a cup of coffee, or a walk through the park, you should be looking for an easy conversational style.

A good ending

The ending of a date is usually the best indicator of how well you're hitting it off. Does your date seem like they're relaxed? Do they seem reluctant to say goodbye because you're having a great time? Maybe there's some sexual tension present? When a date comes to an end, you should be feeling the same level of attraction, if not more, to your date than when you first met. If you are, there's a good chance your date is feeling the same way too.

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