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The best and worst date venues

When it comes to the first few dates, you are going to want to talk more than anything else. This is why you should really consider how conducive to conversation your date spot really is. Here are some of the best and worst venues for those first few dates.

Worst places for a date

The movies

The movies are probably the worst place you can plan a first date. You are only going to be able to talk in the lobby or if you plan to go somewhere else, which is unlikely if it is the first date. You can't talk during the movie and it can be uncomfortable watching a movie with someone you don't know.

A concert

Going to a concert is the second worst way to spend a date when you are trying to get to know someone. You or the other person may not like the music, and concerts are usually loud and crowded. It isn't the best place to take someone you are trying to get to know better.

Best date ideas

Coffee shop

The coffee shop is probably the best date idea. You can go anytime of the night or day, and you can talk as little or as much as you like. There won't be a big tab, and you don't have to sit through a meal if you don't want to hang out. You can drink your coffee or tea and politely excuse yourself if you aren't feeling a connection with the person.

Walk in the park

A walk in the park is a great way to get to know someone without distraction or financial obligations. You can spend as little or as much time together as you like and really have the ability to have a meaningful and productive conversation. If you enjoy their company, you can always arrange a dinner date afterward.

It is important to carefully consider your initial interactions with people. If you choose the wrong place you may not really get to know the person, or you can scare them off. Choose options which are comfortable for both parties and allow you to talk freely. If you are ready to get out there and meet that special someone, check out BYBER or visit and start your search today.

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