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The biggest mistakes you're making on online dating sites

Online dating sites are constantly evolving, offering new and better ways for people to make new connections, but are we sabotaging our own efforts? For some, the answer is yes and a look at some of the most common errors for both men and women may reveal that you are your own worst enemy.

Ladies - this is where you're going wrong

A picture is worth a thousand words and, when it comes to online dating, your picture is the first thing prospective dates will see. Whether you're using a dating app like Byber, or another type of online dating service, singles looking for a date are going to scroll through the pictures first and a simple headshot just isn't going to cut it. Give a good impression of who you are with a full-length shot, which can set the scene of where you like to hang out and your style. 

When it comes to selfies, too much of a good thing can send prospective dates running in the opposite direction, as well. Dozens of selfies may make it seem as though you're a little too interested in yourself. Also, dating experts advise limiting the cleavage shots. While, clearly, men do like the female form, most are looking for something more. They want a taste of your character, your quirks, or even just your smile. Don't be afraid to let your personality rise above your physique.

Finally, don't dwell on what you want in a mate. Instead, focus on who you are and those things that make you happy. This is your chance to talk about yourself.

Guys - you could do with some changes, too

For men, the ladies searching online dating sites aren't as put off by your pictures as they are by your words so stay away from cliches and sleazy talk. For instance, the "laid back guy" description is overused and, honestly, unattractive to prospective dates. Let her learn whether this is true through your actions and what kinds of activities and hobbies you enjoy - from hanging out with your niece to playing sports.

Lying. While both genders are guilty of doing this, it's never a good idea. Saying you're taller, thinner, etc. than you really are isn't doing anyone any favors. The truth will be found out so instead focus on amplifying the positives.

Lastly, avoid sharing too much in your profile. Honesty is good, but not in great detail. Revealing childhood traumas or dating disasters online can damage your reputation and send the message that you lack good judgment. It also suggests you're unable to keep a secret.

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