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The four biggest first date worries (and how to deal with them)

Dating is an exciting time, yet many of us worry about how our first date will go. Although everyone panics about different things, we have picked our top four worries and have explained how you can deal with them successfully. 

What do you wear?

Just like any social function, many people get hung up on what to wear for a first date. A good start is to look up the place you're going. Many restaurants, bars, clubs, and other businesses listed on Yelp or Google will have pictures of patrons inside. Also keep in mind what day of the week it is. A Wednesday dinner after work might be more laid back than drinks on a Saturday night. If you're still unsure, there's no shame in just asking your date what they're wearing. If they picked the place, they will likely have a good idea of what the dress code is. 

What do we talk about?

What to talk about really depends on how well you already know each other. It's always a good idea to have some conversation starters in the back of your head. If you know the person through a friend or have them on social media, you can also try to find out what they're interested in, so you know what they might like to talk about. You can always start with topics that you've already discussed in messaging. 

Who pays?

The classic dating uncertainty: who is supposed to pay? No matter your feelings on this, it doesn't have to be as awkward as it usually is. It's always polite for both parties to pull out wallets and offer. As a good rule of thumb, assume that whoever asked for the date can pay if they insist. That way, the next date can be the other person's chance to ask and pay. 

What do we do after/when does it end? 

Sometimes dates trail on for hours because you're really enjoying each other's company and sometimes they don't - both are fine! If you're really not having a good time, have an excuse to leave when the date is over. A friend who's on standby to call you or another planned event after can help make getting away a little less awkward. If it's getting late but you did have a good time, you can talk about planning another meet-up, so you have something to look forward to.

BYBER Team 😉