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The kids are grown. Now what Dating ideas for new empty nesters

You may have been hearing about Empty Nest Syndrome for a few years now. Talk of this malady conjures visions of poor lost souls wandering around the house unable to think of what to do with their time now that their children are gone. Syndrome implies something negative, something that brings difficulty and struggle. But forget Empty Nest Syndrome - you need to have an Empty Nest Celebration. If you are new to all of this we have some fantastic ideas about what you can do to kick-start this new life-stage that we call freedom!

Adventure dates

Nothing spices up relationships like an outdoor adventure date, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast or you have an adventurous spirit. It may be time for you to rise above it all and view the stunning terrain from above with a zip line tour, rock climbing adventure, or take it all the way and knock skydiving off your bucket list. If you'd rather stay close to the ground but still like a thrill, a rafting excursion will get your adrenaline pumping. Whether you are experienced adventurers or ready to prove that old dogs can learn new tricks, you couldn't be in a better place. Dating never ends, and there are always ways to spice up relationships.

Live out your dream dates

We all have them; the dreams that took a backseat to family, and responsibility. Was the younger you going to be the next MI Rose? Stretch out those vocal cords with a night of karaoke. Has making an audience full of people laugh been that itch that never got scratched? Remind your partner how hysterical you are with an improv class. Or, it might be time to let your inner Julia out with a couple's cooking class. You might not be a kid anymore but letting your younger self take a turn in the driver's seat is guaranteed to produce some fun and laughter. 

Pure romance dates

Yes, you read that correctly, romance. It’s okay, it may have been a while and you may have lost your footing, but it's like riding a bike. It will all come back to you with a few helpful prompts. Let's face it, you have earned the right to a break, or at least bend a rule or two. Surprise your favorite person and indulge in a mid-week brunch and mimosas followed by a couple's massage.

Not in a relationship currently? It’s not too late to still have fun again. BYBER makes it easy for you to find the perfect person to share all the fun experiences with. Don't be afraid to go out on a limb and be creative. After all, that is what romance is all about, and you can always join BYBER to meet someone new or people with the same sense of adventure.

BYBER Team 😉

Couples in Winter by josh.greentree licensed under Creative commons 5