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Three simple things to do on a first date to make a good impression

So that man or woman you’ve been chatting with on that online dating site has finally accepted to meet you on a date? For many people, a first date can turn out as the best day of their lives, or the worst. It could make that meeting the start of a long term dating relationship or the shortest time you’ve ever known someone. When you meet someone through BYBER, and you feel like they are the one you’d been waiting for, chances are you want to be in a relationship with them. However, how you conduct yourself on the first date directly determines whether you ever see them again. Here are three simple things to do on a first date to make a good impression.

Plan the date

One mistake people make is having just one idea for a date. To increase your chances of developing a chemistry and also to avoid the awkward silences that come when you’re just sitting in one place all day, you need to have more than one plan for the date. You should have a couple of places to go to, such as the museum, movies, bars, and even a concert. Make it exciting for your date. 

Remember it's a date, not a therapy session

When you go for that date, remember it’s not a job interview. Your date is not there to hear how good you are at what you do. Also, your date is not there to hear about your issues and give you advice. No. You should treat your date like a date. Also, do acquire many topics to talk about and make sure they are ones you’re versant with and strike a balance in all the topics. Become interesting. 

Don’t ask those lethal attraction killer questions

It’s okay to experience anxiety on a first date; after all, you don’t know the person and don’t know if they will like you. However, you don’t want the other person to see you as desperate at the same time. You need to stay away from attraction killer questions like “what do you think of me so far?” or “do you think we’re eligible together?” Sounding desperate is a big turn off for very many people looking for a relationship. Avoid the impulse to ask even if you feel anxious about how you’re fairing.

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