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Top 4 misconceptions about online dating

Technological advancements have made life more comfortable, and one of them is dating online. Contrary to what some may think, online dating is a great tool to meet new people at the click of a mouse. In a technology-driven world, unfortunately, some people are still afraid of online dating. There is a level of stigma attached to it which is primarily founded on misconceptions. Let’s review some of these misguided views that may be holding you back from trying online dating.

It is for desperate people and losers

Most people assume that online dating is for unattractive people or those who are socially awkward in real life. In truth, there are tons of people who are successful, attractive and have excellent social skills, but they lack time to meet people hence the preference to dive into online platforms like BYBER.. 

Everyone online is a liar

Identity protection is mostly of significance when trying online dating. What most online characters lie about could be their physical appearance or age. Offline dating also has its challenges as someone can lie about their educational background or even profession. The bottom line is that a liar will always lie whether online or offline. If you think someone lied in the first instance of you chatting with them, then it’s up to you to discontinue the relationship. 

3. Online dating is easy

Online dating platforms have become tranquil havens for lazy people who think they’ll find it easy over there. It can be daunting even for the physically attractive individuals. It requires strategy and effort if you wish to succeed. If you are not ready to up your messaging game, set up an appealing profile and upload great profile pictures, your efforts might be futile.

Online relationships end up in breakups

A common misconception is that offline bonds are likely to last than the ones built online. Apparently, online couples are more likely to stay together than offline couples </a> because computer algorithms are helping them for compatibility matching. The online couples also have a chance to know each other better before finally meeting in person.

While online dating is an excellent opportunity for single people, you still need to try it with realistic expectations and a less belief for the listed misconceptions. Byber </a> is a dating app that will let you meet singles like you that might maybe lead to a long-term relationship.

BYBER Team 😉