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Ways to make dating a fun experience

Dating, especially the first few dates, can be a cause of some anxiety and stress because you are going out with someone new and you aren't sure yet whether you will gel in person. If you've met someone on Byber and want to ensure you enjoy yourself on your date, here are 3 ways to relax and turn dating into a fun experience! 

Have the right mindset

Be honest with yourself about your true intention for dating. This will guide your behavior. If you are dating just to enjoy another person’s company or getting to know someone new then focus on the experience, instead of wondering if he or she is “The One.” 

You put unnecessary pressure on yourself when you do this and may miss the essence of the date. You also set yourself up for disappointment if things don't end up going beyond a few dates. 

Be genuine

A major part of dating is getting to know the other person. Be genuine and show up as YOURSELF. Trying to be someone you think the other person will like better may prevent you both from having a genuine experience. 

By being the true you, your date gets to admire your authentic qualities. You cannot uphold a fake personality forever. You will eventually shock the hell out of your dating partner when the “real you” comes out. 

Choose the right activities and venues

A large part of your dating experience rests on what you do and where you do it. You should pick activities you both enjoy such as bowling or going to the theater. 

Also, choose venues you are both comfortable with. If you are both night owls who enjoy bars and the thrills of the town, then a night out bar-hopping may be fun! Or, you may pick more laid-back venues or places that are less noisy. This could be a café, restaurant, or a jazz club where you can converse and get to know more about each other. 

By focusing on enjoying the activities and the shared experiences, you take the pressure off trying to define the relationship from the start.

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