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What is your first date missing? Without this, expect it to be a dud

When you have a date with a new person coming up, you may not be sure about how best to plan it. If you're like many people, you think about the many romantic things you could do on a first date. You may plan to build romance by taking your date on a horse-drawn buggy ride, watching a romantic movie or visiting a candlelit restaurant. In fact, you may have planned two or more of these things in order to build a certain atmosphere to foster romantic feelings. 

Why You Shouldn't Do This

Your first mistake is not recognizing that trying to create romance on a first date is awkward and a little inappropriate. Your date doesn't really know you yet, as you are not yet dating. So, relying on nothing but romance will lead to a pretty forgettable date. Romance isn't something that you can push or force. And trying to do so may even be seen as creepy and off-putting by your date. Why should your date suddenly feel romantic toward you when you haven't even been out together yet? When you both know each other better and you have romantic feelings for each other, that's the time to plan that type of date. However, it's the perfect time for an entirely different type of date. 

What a Romantic Date Is Missing

What the described romantic date is missing is simple. It's fun. Someone has decided to go on a first date with you because they hope it'll be fun. They want to get out and try things with someone new. Whether it's seeing a new movie or taking a cooking class or feeding the wildlife in the park or just hanging around and having a good time, your date is looking to have fun and get to know you. This is where good relationships start. 

When you plan your first date with someone, think about what would make a good time for both of you. Instead of trying to impress or create certain feelings, just concentrate on the fun. That's the best way to ensure that you both are happy with the date and that there will be a second one. 

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