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What to expect when you are new to online dating

Instead of hitting bars or chasing after the nightlife in search of someone to date, you’ve decided to try online dating. Congratulations and welcome. The modern way of meeting people using a dating app or dating site such as has a lot to offer. 

If you are looking for love, a relationship or just some fun, here are three things to expect when you are new to online dating:

Many profiles to filter

There is no shortage of potential dates once you enter the world of online dating. With lots of profiles to click and browse, it can be overwhelming too. Think of it as trying to find the best outfit for a very important occasion. You want to look outstanding, so you will keep looking until you get one that is a perfect fit. 

However, having a positive mindset can turn online dating into a fun experience of flirting and messaging others at your leisure and comfort level. 

It takes time to find “The One” 

Online dating using a dating app, such as Byber, can be time-consuming because there are so many opportunities for meeting new people. Be mindful that instant love connections may not happen overnight. It may take days, weeks, or months to find your “perfect” match. 

At least this helps you filter profiles down to people you prefer to connect with. The whole idea is to be open-minded, patient, and have realistic expectations if you want to date successfully online. 

All that glitter is not gold

Online dating exposes you to the possibility of getting “catfished”. Catfishing is when people put up fake profiles and photos of others. This can be scary, especially if you decide to meet and realize it’s a completely different person. 

Your best defence is your intuition. You have the power to refuse interaction with anyone whose profile appears too good to be true. If the person is dodging a phone conversation or meet and greet, these may be signs you’re being catfished. 

These tips can help you to have a more pleasant experience online at or via the Byber dating app

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