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Why autumn is the best time to date

As summer winds down in September, it can provoke a radical change in your outlook. As outdoor concerts and warm weather activities slowly shut down over the course of the month and with festive holiday activities not yet starting up, it can be a tough time to be motivated to go out and try to meet someone new. Everything seems a little bit darker and the cold creeps in, and you may not want to even head out to get a drink after work but rather just head home and curl up in a warm blanket. However, if you follow that impulse you may be missing out on the best part of the year for dating. 

Why is this the case? 

It isn't for the obvious reasons, such as how the changing leaves make nature even more beautiful or that you won't need to worry about unwelcome tan lines. The fact is that everybody is in the same situation, becoming less busy and having fewer obligations. Summer is full of family outings and reunions, barbecues and get-togethers. As the holidays ramp up after Halloween, these obligations will also knock entire weeks off the dating calendar. In this magical time after labor day, a free social life and a more flexible schedule are possible for singles looking to get out and find their other half.

Both men and women find that they crave company more as the months get colder. Friends, especially other couples, return to more solitary activities and intimate relationships. If you are feeling lonely, you can bet other singles feel the exact same way. The yearning you feel in your heart to draw closer to another is shared by someone else. They too are worried that they will be at the single's table at their friend's autumn wedding or their family's Thanksgiving dinner.

This is the time to update your BYBER profile with all those great pictures you took this summer. The crisp autumn air is calling for you to take a romantic walk on the waterfront or get a warm cup of coffee with a new match that has the potential to be an exciting new chapter in your life.

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Photo: Dream Pool by Ian Sane licensed under Creative commons 4