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Why do men play mind games? Understanding men

Men are best known for playing games, and some women do too. Decoding a man’s mind is probably the hardest thing which leaves most women frustrated and mad. A few days may have passed since the last date, but he hasn’t called since, and you wonder why. You risk coming off as needy and decide to send a text which goes unreplied even though it’s a quiet Sunday afternoon. Hours later, he responds with an excuse of a hectic workload and promises to see you soon. That is the last time you hear from him, leaving you with numerous questions.

Makes the dating game more fun

While other women will close the relationship door at the sight of games, some don’t. As long as the woman is interested, her eyes will be fixated on the man. To a certain degree, women look at men who play games as both interesting and smart. And you know the deal between women and intelligent men.

He’s afraid of exposing his vulnerability

If you confront a man who hasn’t decided whether he’s getting serious with you or not, he’s most of the time feeling confused and playing games with you in the meantime. Emotionally insecure men play these games as they try to assess themselves. He’ll also resolve this technique just to see if you will understand him.

Commitment fears

You’ll notice he’s closer to you than ever some days and gets wholly disconnected on other days. It may seem intentional but this back and forth behavior is what men do while weighing whether to commit or not. Baggage from past relationships or benefits he might lose from ‘being single’ might be in play here.

He's uncomfortable being asked personal questions

A man will play games with you to avoid being cornered or pressed. This is a defensive mechanism men use subconsciously. Ask him directly about his past relationships, and he’ll deviate from the topic or keep quiet entirely. 

To deal with this, evaluate the situation to determine whether the man is worth the trouble. If you decide to keep on seeing him, try as much as you can to understand him. You need to hold off intimacy until a guy’s intentions are clear and a single date won’t inform you of much. If he contacts you often through messaging or through a dating app like Byber but never really asks you out, he’s got a different agenda altogether. Once you feel you understand him, you can go ahead and address the situation directly. 

There are many single men so don’t be fooled by men who play these games. Remember you deserve the best and men that aren't on the same page as you shouldn’t waste your time or energy.

BYBER Team 😉