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Why you should embrace radical honesty while dating

We are all looking for connections amidst the gut-wrenching shallow conversations we tolerate from strangers from time to time. We are all looking for a spark that will invite us to be loved and cared for. Arguably, to be loved is to be vulnerable, and vulnerability is the highest form of freedom.

On the other side of inconsequential generic personalities we adopt, that appeal to the vast majority is radical honesty. Reiterating how important it is to be yourself at all times necessary. From the information on your profile to the conversations you initiate sitting across a date you met on BYBER, honesty is essential in founding a healthy relationship. 

This blog will highlight why you should be courageous and try out the philosophy of radical honesty on your next first date. 

Genuine connections

Finding a mate is about finding something that fundamentally resonates between two people, like similar life goals or a favorite band. Subscribing to societal constructs, such as facades, impede two people from genuinely connecting. Masquerading as someone you are not is not only exhausting but also retrogressive. 

Be as frank and open from the get-go. Speak your truths as far as possible without shame, and believe it or not, someone who appreciates the candor and shares the same interests will come looking. 


To truly mitigate whether an individual is compatible with you lies in specificity. Radical honesty allows you to be as accurate as possible about issues. Delving deep into your passions and interests will tell you whether your date values these things as well or whether they added it to their profile to illicit matches. Speak freely, and divulge as much relevant information to gauge whether you and your date are truly compatible. Talk about matters you care about, but also listen to your date to find out what they value as well. 

It's all up from there

Radical honesty fosters a strong foundation for a budding relationship. Honesty creates trust between two individuals that enables a relationship to thrive. Forget that your partner knows your secrets and flaws - they are supposed to! And if they still want to spend time with you after all that they know, you can consider yourself among the many BYBER success stories.

BYBER Team 😉

Photo: first date. by Ricky Flores licensed under Creative commons 4